Introducing NomaPack(tm)

Bluestrap is the sole distributor for NomaPack (R) within Australia. NomaPack is also known as Noma Foam, a world class, profile based edge protection packaging system that is robust, recyclable, reusable and also economical.

Other attributes include:

  • Closed Cell PE-LD foam
  • Very flexible with high grip strength
  • Easy and quick handling
  • Water absorbent (<1-vol% after 40 days)
  • Does not scratch or damage surfaces
  • Very good padding abilities with shock absorbant effect
  • Temperature resistant from -40 degrees to + 100 degrees Celsius
  • 100% recyclable PE-LD foam
  • CFC and HCFC free
  • Chemical Neutral

100s of profiles for different applications including:

  • Precision engineering items
  • Frame edges
  • IT boxes and components
  • Furniture edge protection
  • Duco
  • Glass sheet
  • Signs
  • Wire routing
  • Hose protection
  • Polished metal finishes

Bluestrap is happy to assess your requirements and advise a suitable profile type.

Simply type NMC NomaFoam into YouTube and have a look at some of the applications in use and the benefits

We have a huge range that caters for almost every application.  Call or email us and we can walk through any requirement that you may have.